A daughter complains to her father. A complain that often we all have.See what her father replies !!




A short story of Jealousy !!!


I was feeling high and mighty, successful and important, above a bum in the street, until those three words hit me like a twelve gauge shotgun.

Don’t we all?
I needed help.
Maybe not for bus fare or a place to sleep, but I needed help.
I reached in my wallet and gave him not only enough for bus fare, but enough to get a warm meal and shelter for the day.

Those three little words still ring true. No matter how much you have, no matter how much you have accomplished, you need help too. No matter how little you have, no matter how loaded you are with problems, even without money or a place to sleep, you can give help.

Even if it’s just a compliment, you can give that. You never know when you may see someone that appears to have it all. They are waiting on you to give them what they don’t have.

A different perspective on life, a glimpse at something beautiful, a respite from daily chaos, which only you through a torn world can see. Maybe the man was just a homeless stranger wandering the streets.

Maybe he was more than that.





Be careful what you aim for. A goal to harm others is meaningless, while when you make a aim to help as many as possible, you live a happier & healthier life.



Come out of your inferiority complex and take the steps with all your might towards success.