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In this guidebook, you will learn

  • How to talk confidently and command attention from others?
  • How can you develop more charisma?
  • How to use sensible body language?
  • Importance of correct psyche and how to develop it?
  • Tips to use your language and voice more effectively ?


You will get

  1. How to Talk So Others Will Listen main guidebook
  2. How to Talk So Others Will Listen Summary
  3. How to Talk So Others Will Listen Worksheet



In this guidebook, you will learnself-motivation-guidebook-2

  • What Makes People Self-Motivated?
  • Making Decisions
  • The Three Decisions That Will Shape Your Life
  • Your Beliefs Have the Power to Create
  • Transforming Yourself
  • Motivating Strategies for Taking Action


You will get

  1. Self-Motivation main guidebook
  2. Self-Motivation Work Book



Though the title is for Working Moms, however, most of these time management  techniques can be applied by anyone who want to maintain work-life balance.

In this guidebook, you will learn

  • Getting Out of the House on Time in the Mornings
  • Managing Time with Your Children
  • Making Time for Your Partner
  • Capturing “Me” Time
  • More Time Management Tips
  • Unwind, Rest and Sleep


You will get

  1. Working Moms Calm the Chaos Exec Main Guide book
  2. Working Moms Calm the Chaos Exec Summary
  3. Working Moms Calm the Chaos Exec Workbook



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-affirmations, action steps

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