Daily Motivational Quotes: Your first step towards peace and success in life

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Daily Motivation



Have you ever wondered why we often lose track? Why often we are fearful, in fact tired to wake up and face the world? Where is that “Enthusiasm”, that “energy” , we used to have once. Where’s  the Daily motivation ?

Many times , we are full of ideas and great zeal to do “big” things in life. We plan many things, even take few scattered steps.

And then?

Either we lose focus, we lose that zeal and energy to execute those very plans or we run after another “shiny object” .  While planning, the energy level was so high that we just can’t wait to start it. But now..

You may not want to abandon it all together, but still… lost somewhere.

Does this sound familiar?


Today you have to promise me 2 things

  1. You’ll write down all your plans, preferably in a diary. Add more and more details to them as and when possible. But for the time being, just write them.

Prioritize and order them by sequence of planned execution. Start with smaller ones.

  1. Be after them, everyday.

And use Daily Motivation quotes to keep yourself inspired. Just do it for a month and let me know the result.


These motivational/inspirational quotes have very special power. Why?

  1. They have been spoken by great successful personalities utilizing their rich reservoir of experience and knowledge.
  2. If you’re getting to read those quotes means, which were spoken many years or even centuries before, often by people from far away land, it means thousands of people have been influenced by them and people have taken pains to preserve them.

These can be traditional proverbs also, passed through many generations, time-tested and still relevant. That’s why people are still using them.


In this regard, i remember a   quote from a famous motivation master.


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing –that’s why we recommend it daily.”  – Zig Ziglar


Every Day we are bombarded with negativity from all-around. Just imagine the stress and negativity these things fill in our life. News, TV, job, targets, personal ambitions, relationship responsibilities.That’s why it very important that we be in contact with something positive every day. 


At least  you should read daily One Positive Thought or One Positive Article.daily motivation quotes


Imagine yourself when you are high on enthusiasm, highly motivated !!!

Heart full of love, bright face and fresh mood.

Light of Hope beaming from your smiling face.

With better self-esteem, more confident and a clear goal in life.

Ready to take on world!!


Leaving aside dark emotions, self-pity, self-doubt and all such non-sense.


Some days working out is easier than others. You wake up with a fire, a passion to get through your workout, but some days you feel your feet dragging.


Everyone needs motivation to get through challenges. Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of motivation.

Self-Motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in successful-happy-healthy life for them and their family should think carefully about. 

People who are self-motivated tend to be more organized, with good time management skills and have more self-esteem and confidence.


One thing we must be very much sure is that our morning routine affects to a great extent all levels of success we achieve  in every single area of life.If we can introduce a little bit of positivity in our daily morning routine. WOW !!! .. it can create magical outcomes.

Positive energy in morning carry over to successful days and ultimately successful live.

I hope you have experienced this. If we read or hear something bad, it re-sounds in our mind for many hours, sometime even for days. So, why not use this effect positively to our benefit ? Read, listen or do something positive every single morning. Fill yourself with energy and enthusiasm , get ready to face the world and welcome success.

And for that, daily motivation quotes will be immensely helpful.  Make it a habit.

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So, far so good. We are clear about importance of inspirational messages in morning.What about utilizing them for good night sleep?

Yes, for good sleep.

Whole day we have to face many things. Do you want to take all those worries to bed? Let all those worries and tension rest. Keep them in a box in some far away corner of brain and put them to sleep.

Just  think “Probably, these worries are important. But, anyway i cannot do anything about them while I am sleeping. If i have good sleep, i will have more energy and strength to tackle them. So, let me sleep now. If required, will work on them tomorrow. “

Then read something positive, thoughtful that will give you hope and energy. So, you see here again, daily motivational quotes are useful to have a sound sleep.


At the end of this post, let me share some Daily Routine tips. Hope these will go a long way to help you achieve whatever you desire.

  1. Get up early:

    Yes, it’s important.  For you mind and body, both. Don’t lie in bed until the last possible second. Try it for a week and see the difference.

Watch this beautiful TED talk video on youtube. Don’t worry about his ascent. He is very inspirational.

2. Immediately after waking up, drink warm water, as much as possible. Minimum 1 glass.

Believe me, its very helpful to drink warm water in morning. After many hours of sleep, our body is craving for fluids. Warm water will refreshes our intestine, making easy bowl movements.Keep this fact for life. Root of all diseases is stomach.  


Healthy stomach = Healthy body= Beautiful face/personality


3. Do some exercise. I prefer yoga. Make a vow to do at least 10 minutes of yoga, everyday. Yes, Just 10 minutes. Max 1 hour of Yoga or exercise for normal people.


4. Get some quite time for yourself: Take out some 5-10 minutes of quite time, when no one disturbs you. Meditate, go over your goals or just relax. Read some positive things.


5. Have a good breakfast: eating breakfast is equally important. If you start the day by eating well, you’re more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day.


Developing a morning routine can really change your life.


More post of Daily routines.



Every day can and will be great for you, with all sorts of small and big successes, love, happiness and health, if you make it  a routine to start every morning motivated.


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    This post is long for a quote related post. I love Personal growth and all who live by it day in and day out! I would suggest shorten it up a little, my personal take.

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