Why am i so stressed all the time and what to do about it?



We all at some point of time, complain about life.

Often we ask : Why am i so stressed all the time?  So many things doesn’t seems to be upto the mark., many things are  not the way we expected them to be or the way want things/events/people to turn into.


And lo-n-behold. Somehow we think that we know the exact reason responsible for our all problems. With so ease, we blame our job,spouse,neighbor,children,society, country etc for all our miseries and problem.


Joke: Source Unknown.

One beautiful joke i got one day from a friend , not sure who wrote it originally. Hats off to him/her. It’s not only hilarious, but true also.


Girl: (To God) I’m educated, have good job, independent, self-sufficient. I don’t need a husband. I don’t want to marry, but my parents are asking me to marry.

God: Yes, you have all the abilities and among my finest creation. I have no doubt that you will achieve many great things in life. But something, inevitably will not go the way you want. In fact, many times, they will fail. Whom will you blame ? Yourself?

Girl: No !!

God: Very good. That’s why you need a husband.


Boy: (to God)  but then what will i do? Whom will i blame?

God: Son, your scope is much wider.You can blame the govt,the education system,the environment, the economy, the politician,the bureaucrat, the religion, the belief, the customs and even me.. but





You see, we often blame everything around us for the problems we have. Worst, we blame ourselves. Ruin our own self-esteem.


Is blaming going to solve our problem ?



Then what to do?


Prepare yourself. Know the truth and face it. Accept the reality of this world, they way things work.

We feel stressed because we expect that others may get trouble, but not us. Others may fail, but somehow we will definitely succeed, miraculously without doing any hardship, every single time we try.

Our expectations are  wrong.


Be prepared that inevitably many things in life will go wrong.You just cannot  control everything, cannot plan for everything. In spite of this, don’t lose HOPE.

To succeed, to overcome “that” situation, you have only one option. And that is to “TRY once more“.

Try your level best with meticulous plan to solve the situation as much as possible. Nothing will happen automatically. You have to take “the responsibility”.

Unless you do it, things will only slip from bad to worst. Take charge of the situation. Don’t hesitate to initiate action.


Set your expectations right !!


If you set your expectations right and accept the challenges life throws at you, you’ll be at peace with the world,your life and best yourself.  Because you know “shit” does happens and you have the courage to face it.

So, does it mean life is just a series of problems and more problems ?



A beautiful quote i remember

To avoid criticism, do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.  .. Elbert Hubbard


A story :

Once  a frustrated man went upto a mountain to meet a sage. After lots of trouble, ultimately he was able to find the sage, blissfully absorbed in meditation.

The man payed respect and obeisances. With folded hands, humbly he asked

O Great sage, i want to know what is life?

Smiling gently, the sage replied: Life is a beautiful fragrance of jasmine flower beside a pure river flowing in the mountain. Very blissful

The man said: But, i was told life is thorn and i have tried to plan and live life like that.

The sage: You’re life is what you think it is and what you make out of it.


True. Life is beautiful.Just don’t expect it to be the way you want. Accept what may it come, face it, take responsibility to handle it.


OK, now one small exercise


List down 5 things you like, anything. It may be subtle like love,respect,or physical like clothes, jewellery , sensual –> music,aroma. Now add 5 more.

Did you noticed there are so many beautiful things in this world which you “actually want and desire. Isn’t this life does offer you so many wonderful things ?


The problem arises when we want to enjoy them  “ourselves only“. When we wish that everything good that exist is for our enjoyment, we only  should get  them, Other should give me what i want. They should pay me respect, love and admire me, always.


Is that possible?


You got the concept. Understand this practical reality so that next time when you have to face any awkward,undesirable situation, you’re already prepared.  You don’t lose your balance by surprises.


Sharing few techniques you may find useful.

TIPS for immediate “situation” management. When stress strikes you

  1. Take few deep breath.
  2. Take a side walk for 10 minutes
  3. Sit outside in open or in a park. Watch flowers or greenery.


TIPS for “General” Stress management

  1. Physical exercise: Doing physical exercise is one of the best way to eliminate stress. Yoga,gym,swimming, jogging. My favorite is Yoga. Hope someday in future, i will teach Yoga.

2. Meditate:  If you know how to meditate, then practice it daily. If you don’t know, here is a simple , but every effective popular way to meditate.

i. Sit in a quite place, with eyes lightly closed.

ii. Now focus all your attention on your breathes. How they are coming and going? Just observe how it feel in nose or upper lip when it goes in & out.

iii. If your mind wanders away on some pleasant or unpleasant thoughts, pull it back to you breathes.

That’s it. Do it regularly.

3. Take a warm bath.

4. Listen to music.


Don’t allow stress to control you. And the key is to actively do something about it. Make a conscious decision to be in charge.

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What factors define our attitude and how to develop a positive attitude? Part-2

This is part  2 of the topic.

To read Part 1 Please Click Here:


2. Another factor that defines our attitude is our past experiences in life.

This is simple and straight forward reason, but quite often we forget to implement it to develop positive attitude.

Often we carry a huge baggage of both good and bad experiences we had in life, almost eternally.

For good memories, we want to relish them more and more and wish they  happen again. For bad memories, we wish they had never happened. In both the situations, we forget the beautiful present we have in front of us.

Just hankering and lamentation.


Let’s welcome the morning with open arms. Let’s promise to ourselves to face every situation, may what come with all our might, with smile.


Another aspect of our past experiences is sudden blunder people make. A very gentleman/woman, well mannered, well educated and balanced may suddenly  do something very unexpected, like they may steal something or abuse people for very trivial thing.


What to do about it?


-Prayers (If you believe in some Rational-Good-Loving-Really Peaceful God/Power ).
-Self-less service to others including to animals and nature.


Note: Many forms of meditation don’t need you to “believe” in some “God”. If you do, well, that’s fine, if you don’t, even then its perfectly OK. You can still meditate, like meditation forms which focus on breathing and finest vibration that happens in body. E.G.  one free, but genuine and trust worthy is :  Vipassana Meditation. Not sure, if they have their center in your country.

How these things can help us to manage our past experiences?

Our mind is always bombarded with hundreds of thoughts. Some past lamentation, some present, few future worries. On top of that, there are thorny monsters of bad experiences which are like volcanoes , ready to explode anytime with little provocation or in future if someone sufficiently  dig into it.

When we meditate or pray or serve others selflessly, we help these thoughts to dissolve in positive energy. It’s like a river of peace flowing  in our mind which strengthen our  character and refine our attitude.


Truth and love in heart gives ultimate peace.


Moreover, by anyone or all of these 3 activities , we become peaceful with ourselves and our past.  Our mind subconsciously  make note of those pain areas, put them in right places and slowly moves towards dissolving them.

That’s why when you start meditation, initially you may get some disturbing thoughts, your anxiety actually increases. It’s because your mind is detecting and working on them for good. So, after sometime, it’s all peace and bliss.


  1. Upbringing

This  actually is a sub-part of factor 2, only thing is it’s more prominent.

Our present world is in turmoil. Wars,poverty,stress,insecurity, threat, broken families, lonely people. And believe me, it was actually always like this and will always be like this. Some or other problem will always be there.

However, earlier people had less options to degrade.

Now, click of a button on phone can provide abundant options, if you are willing to pay the price. All sorts of enjoyments from mind to body, everything is available. But, often such prices are family love and trust. Separated families and broken hearts.


Flickering happiness for uncontrolled desires. They are not worth it, but unable to control ourselves. There is more to it. Will discuss on this in another post.


Other side of picture is poverty, childhood abuse, social-political turmoil OR too lavish , care-free upbringing in childhood.


What to do for it?

Nothing. Just accept the fact. Love people who got troubled childhood due to stupidity of their parents. All of them have some “valid” reasons to console themselves. 

If it was lavish upbringing and person is somewhat insensitive to pains of others, we have to understand that it’s not his fault. Give time a chance. Everyone is taught good lessons by time. The greatest healer and the greatest teacher.


  1. Association:

When a cold iron is put close to fire, it also becomes red hot.  This is the effect of association.

The type of friends we have, books we read, movies we watch , papers and magazines we read are our real association.  Remember yourself after you read a beautiful love story or a heroic adventure and compare your mood to when you read a depressing story.


Needless to say, the type of association we keep make a major contribution towards building our attitude.  The importance of good association is known to everyone, easily doable, still ignored by most.


It’s not that it’s difficult to get good association. But we are actually afraid from inside. It means we have to change ourselves. We are afraid due to intertia that our habits may change with which we have become accustomed to.


Trick: Book are easiest one to change. And i recommend you start with reading good, positive books.  Then change the type of movies you watch.


It’s most difficult to change our friend circle. Changing friend circle doesn’t mean that we ignore or insult our old friends. But, if some of our friends have bad habits which may affect us and become a roadblock to our growth, then politely avoid them.

It’s actually not that uncommon. Do you remember your school friends. How many of you school friends or college friends are still with you. May be few. In-fact, may be none. As we proceed in life, we change our friends due to time, place and circumstances.


But now, you should make friends consciously. Not that you judge people on basis of their looks or economical status. A good unsuccessful friend is better than successful bad friend. A person who is kind, peaceful, have clean habits and big visions, caring, love others  is better as these are good qualities. You can learn from them.


If a person is cruel, bad tempered or harmful to others, but somehow is polite-courteous-good to you. Avoid such person. Air that goes around, comes around. He/She may change any day.


Develop a habit to daily read a good book, listen to good music and listen to great visionary people.


  1. Will Power:

All said and done, at the end it’s will power only that decides our destiny.

In spite of all negative circumstances, if a person has strong will power, that alone will bring him/her out of all miseries and take to success.

A person may have very bad experiences in life, troubled childhood, bad upbringing, bad association, nasty neighborhood, but still if he has strong will power, he can pull himself our of it.

You might have seen, even while inside a group, strong willed person can say ” No, what they are doing is not good. This is what I think is right and i am going to do what is think is right“.

By developing strong will power, you can see that certain thoughts in your “thought body” , certain habits are not in line with what you want in life. So, those must be changed. And you can.

“Energy flows where intent goes.”

Is the ocean water enemy or friend of ship?  If water goes inside the ship, then it becomes enemy, but when outside the ship, water helps ship to cross the ocean.

Similarly, there may be ocean of negativity around us, too many problems, too many roadblocks, but if you allow them to come inside you and affect you, you will be drowned. But, if you take them a challenge and try to overcome them, after every problem you solve, after every roadblock you cross, you will become stronger and better.


So, in summary there are 5 factors that define our attitude

  1. Self-identification / Self-image
  2. Previous experiences in life
  3. Upbringing
  4. Association
  5. Will power.


Will power being the most important of all.



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What factors define our attitude and how to develop a positive attitude? Part-1



Often we hear and read  about positive attitude. But the question is how to develop a positive attitude?

What are the factors that define our attitude and what can we do to effectively channelize those factors for success in life ?


At abroad level, there are 5 main factors


  1. Self-Identification on basis of physical body vs thoughts.

     We often identify ourselves with our body and our possessions.  Essentially, this self-identification is not wrong, but it has many repercussions.

     Our existence is indeed  our bodies and possessions, externally. Someone may be tall, other short in height. Someone fair, dark, brown, long nose, small eyes etc. And similarly, rich, poor, middle class etc.  This is a hard fact and we should not try to escape from them by super-imposing some artificial ideas.  

    Do you remember your childhood? Even though, we may have different body now as and adult, but somehow we feel that we are “the same”  person. In childhood, we may not have all the knowledge about world , but it doesn’t mean that person was not us. Your expressions, dealings, behavior, requirements, body everything was different, but still  the “you”  who has experienced all those is same now and then.

  Today, at this very moment also we are experiencing something and this interaction  with the world around us will go on.  But, still its “you” , always.

    Hope you know, every few days, old cells from our body get replaced by new cells, even brain cells. Then, what is “that” which is remembering and experiencing all these ?

    We will not go into the philosophy of “soul”, not because it’s not a good concept, because i have not yet experienced or realized with definite confirmation that its “soul” inside me who actually is “me” and doing, experiencing all this.

   We will focus on a different “level” of world around us, beyond the physical world. This world very much exist, it’s all around us. We cannot see it directly through our eyes, but no one can deny that it exist. And that world is “World of thoughts”.

  The way in this physical world, we have certain type of body, say fat, slim, tall, short, fair, dark etc with one head, 2 hands and 2 legs. Similarly, in the world of thoughts also, we have our distinctive bodies made up of various combinations of thoughts.   Our “body of thoughts”  also have one centralized idea  on basis of which it attaches various sub-branches of thoughts to itself.

   Generally this “central idea” of our “thought body”  comes from our religious belief.  The main role of any religion in this world, actually is to define this central idea of existence. It defines who we are, why we came  here on earth, what is the “aim” of life, what will after we leave earth etc.

That’s why even for thousands of years, religion has exist in one or other form ,just to fulfill this requirement to define the central idea of our “thought body”.  Even, atheist has this “compulsory” requirement. Instead of religion, they try to define it with some scientific jargon or ideas.

     Though this central idea is the most important part of our mental body, but its often not the most prominent one, at least in common people.  It’s like foundation and main pillar of a building. Main pillar and many sub-pillars are there, but we often see or collect and put other things in a house, like furniture, door, windows, height, width of house.

     Similarly, We constantly acquire new ideas and thoughts and put it on top of our “thought body”. Most of these thoughts are trivial and get buried deep into others, however few are very prominent. These prominent thoughts are those with whom we specially identify our selves  or which  have made some significant impact on us. Sometime, one single prominent thought acquired by either experience or accident can hide/suppress all other related or contradictory thoughts and itself becomes the prominent factor to define our behavior.

     Please make no mistake that this “thought body” is something external to us and have no effect on this.  On the contrary, this “thought body”  is the “actual” driving force for all our attitudes, behavior and actions.

    It’s like the central control mechanism.  Our physical body is just an order carrier, it’s just a physical machine, listening and obeying to our “thought body”. 

  And you know what is the beauty of this “thought world” ?  You can change your thoughts , even the central foundation thought. Though, it’s not quite easy.

   Generally, central idea need not be changed because mostly they are “essentially” same with slightly different flavors all over the world.

    Now, when we say that “parts of thoughts body”  can be changed “at will”, it means there is something even higher than “thought body” who is thinking and willing, who decides which thought to keep, which one to discard or disregard. People often refer to it as ” The Soul”. I would say, i don’t know.

   May be “thought body” itself decides that certain thoughts are not in sync with its overall “aim”  or picture of existence. This thought body is made up of all our ideas, desires emotions, experience, memories.


So, when thought body analyzes itself (that’s why meditation is important), it may find that certain thoughts are not fitting  themselves in the body, they are contradictory. Let’s say, the desire is to succeed in an exam. But there may be some thoughts to waste time, like to watch movie or go to pub.


There may be important situations when some of our actions or direction of activities are not in sync of our “over all”  ideas of “rightful existence”. At that we have to do lots of changes in our thought processes,  may be even our external environment, place of living, jobs, minor desires etc.

   So, the summary is, if we realize that some of our thoughts are actually hindrance to what we want, then we should know that we are in control. We can either change those “negative” thoughts  or simply ignore them or make other positive thoughts prominent.

   Let’s say our “negative self -image ” is making us unhappy. We brood over again and again on being fat, short, dark skinned, skinny etc.  then what are the options we have

  1. Accept the truth. Don’t try to create a “perfect artificial self-physical body” image. But know that’s not “all-in-all” .

  1.1 If there is something that can be done for them, then plan and DO it. You want to loose weight, look fairer, be healthier, want more success, money and love in life. Great.

  Accept that you want them, plan, take guidance from loved ones, family, friends, professionals and happily work to achieve them.

  1.2 If nothing can be done ,then simply accept it and move on.  Some problem, short-coming in life for which nothing can be done. Then what is the use of brooding over them. Its not going to solve it.

Ask your thought body to shift focus to other better things.  Aim for higher .

Let’s say you have strong desire to serve poor and sick people of world. Will it make any difference if you are short in height. No !!

Will you be able to do it? 

Yes !!! Always.



Generally, the best medicine for depression, negative self-image  is selfless service to others. Focus your find to positive things. How you can positively help people, expecting nothing in return ? And be rest assured, you will not have time or you will not even wish to go into depression on your “little” short comings.

  Accepting the truth empowers you to take action on it and  channelizing our thought process towards solution or something better.

  1. You judge other people based upon physical bodily appearances or economical status. OR worse, you constantly worry other are “always” judging you about your physical appearances or economical status.

    Let them do it.

  But your focus should not be on these things. It doesn’t mean you ignore it.Accept it. It’s a reality.

Have you ever met people who are happier, though they may be shorter, fatter than you ? They have smile in their face. In fact, they may have a beautiful heart filled with love.


Know it for sure, if there is love in your heart, nothing is more precious than that in entire creation. Love make life really beautiful. Don’t expect others to love you. It’s selfishness. Love others and try to help them without expecting anything in return and then you will get abundance of love in life, which you may not have ever imagined.

This positive outlook of life will outshine all the darkness in life.

Respect people for their thoughts and show compassion for those whom you can help.

 Remember, you can change your thought body, at will.




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What are Affirmations and How to use them Correctly?

Affirmation For Success




What are Affirmations?

Positive statements describing a desired condition in your life are called Affirmations.

The aim is to program the subconscious mind into producing or making us to work for the desired outcome.

That condition may not yet exist, but the affirmation is spoken as though it does. A simple example might be: “I am at peace with my life.” This is repeated several times on a daily basis, out loud or mentally.


Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking. They are not statements that you wish to be true; they are statements that you must believe are true.


Research has demonstrated that 80% of our thoughts are generally damaging, negative, filled with self-doubt and fear.

To affirm means to state something positively. It means to announce firmly and assert something to be true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or damaging beliefs you might have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and substitute them with favorable thoughts and beliefs which instill self-confidence, belief, positivity, ambitiousness and much more.


Utilizing favorable affirmations gives you back command of your mind and the information it gets. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your brain and lets you flood it with favorable information which will change you for the better!


Why Make An Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are made because you want to achieve something. That may be more money, a new car, a bigger house, a better job, more success, or, on a more personal level, love, health, happiness or peace.

But these outcomes can sometimes seem so far beyond our grasp that we do not really dare to think that they could be ours for the asking. Instead, we focus on how far away from our desired outcomes we are, and negative affirmations become our mantra.


Ø We desire to be wealthy, so we think: I’m never going to be rich.

Ø We want that promotion, so we think: It’s bound to go to someone else.

Ø We want love in our life, so we think: No one’s going to love me.

We are thinking about the things we want, but from a negative perspective. If this is true, then there should be no doubt as to why it is a good idea to flip the coin and start talking positively.


 “Be careful what you wish for; you may just get it.”



Some of the benefits of Using Affirmations:


  1. Controlling and Understanding the Subconscious Mind
  2. Overcoming Bad Habits
  3. Increased Confidence
  4. Better Physical Health
  5. Happier Relationships


They can be used to help control your weight, to quit smoking, to cut back on the booze, so stop biting your fingernails, just anything.


Controlling and Understanding the Subconscious Mind

This is a useful life-skill, and affirmations can help forge closer links between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like the registry of your computer.

You need to understand that it is possible to adjust your subconscious mind, and positive affirmations are the way to do this. It is how you can clear out all the redundant and harmful data your subconscious stores, and allow you to know exactly why you may be behaving in a certain way in a certain situation.

Positive affirmations help you become more in tune with how your subconscious operates, The more you program your mind positively, the more easily you will recognize negative activity and be able to jump on it and delete it. Equally, you will find that you are far more tuned into the whisperings of your subconscious mind that often bring answers to difficult dilemmas in your life.


Overcoming Bad Habits

Depending on how they are phrased, affirmations can create good or bad habits. You may start out with affirmations that relate to some grand goals, such as a better career, or a more peaceful life, but don’t forget that affirmations can be applied to any area of your life. They can be used to help control your weight, to quit smoking, to cut back on the booze, so stop biting your fingernails. You name the habit, and a positive affirmation can be phrased to deal with it.


Increased Confidence

As your life gradually improves, you will feel a sense of growing confidence, whether or not you have ever phrased an affirmation regarding a boost in your confidence levels.


Better Physical Health

Positive affirmations can improve your health in three ways: Firstly, your mindset is healthier overall with a positive mental attitude, thus your immune system is stronger; secondly, a specific affirmation can be phrased to augment your health and counter illness appearing; thirdly, they can be used to speed recovery if you do get ill.


Happier Relationships

Positive affirmations create better relationships, as other people instinctively respond better to positive vibes and success. This can affect every type of relationship in your life – with your partner, your kids, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, strangers, work colleagues, and your boss. You are far more likely to be successful if you have created a more attractive aura for yourself through positive affirmations.


Because Everything Begins in Mind


This is the truth that underpins positive affirmations, and positive thinking generally.

The power of your mind to invent and achieve is practically limitless.



How To Make Affirmations


Be Genuinely Positive

When you approach the affirmations process, you must make certain that you do so with a positive frame of mind. Making successful affirmations is far more than speaking a few words in a set order.


Use Positive Wording


Your affirmations should be about what you desire to happen, not about what you don’t want to happen.

Utilize POSTIVE WORDS in your affirmation instead of utilizing words which serve to remind you of something you wish to eradicate.


Producing the affirmation in the positive is much more effective.

DON’T say and think, “I’m not shy” or “I’m not insecure”.


Rather SAY and THINK, “I’m outgoing” or “I’m secure” or “I’m confident”


Use the Present Tense

in positive thinking and in positive affirmations especially, the present tense is paramount; The upshot for your positive affirmations is that they must be phrased so that the mind can act upon them at this moment in time, therefore you must use the present tense.


Add Visualization and Other Senses

This may come naturally to some people who think in visual images, but it is something everyone should be practicing when they speak their positive affirmations. This is most effective when you have a little quiet time for your affirmations, so you can sit down and close your eyes and back up your words with your senses.


Be Patient and Persevere

There is a saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” Affirmations do not produce immediate results, so be prepared for this.


As Often as Possible


Your affirmations need to be spoken regularly for them to be effective.

Your mind is prone to drifting and going its own sweet way.

The orders you give to your mind need to be given regularly.

The only way to do it is to speak in the present tense and repeat the order until the message gets through.

As for exactly how many times to repeat your affirmations, the answer is as often as possible.


You should always strive to do this in the morning and the evening out loud. These might be 5 to 10 minute sessions that really focus the mind.


However, the time in the morning when you are still half-asleep in bed is also ideal because your brainwaves are still in alpha, which is considered the optimum brainwave activity for connection with the universe.


A beautiful video showing A dad teaching her daughter Affirmations.Worth watching.

Useful Affirmations

Here are a few ideas for affirmations.

For Love and Peace

Ø I am happy

Ø My mind is at peace

Ø I am calm and relaxed at all times

Ø My thoughts are under my control

Ø I am surrounded by love

Ø I radiate love and peace

Ø I have loving relationship with my wife/husband


Ø I am at peace with the Universe

Ø I love and accept myself

Ø I am surrounded with loving people

Ø I am loving and accepting of others

Ø I trust the wisdom of my inner being

Ø I am always connected with Divine Love


For Prosperity and Success

Ø I am getting wealthier every day

Ø I study and learn fast

Ø I have the perfect job

Ø I am living in my dream house

Ø I am successful in whatever I do

Ø I always have enough money

Ø Everything is getting better every day


For Health

Ø My body is healthy

Ø I have lots of energy and vitality

Ø I can control my health

Ø I can maintain my ideal weight


Obviously, you can tinker with these and come up with your own to exactly suit your personal goals and desires. Just remember to keep them positive, present tense, and passionate.


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Daily Motivational Quotes: Your first step towards peace and success in life

Daily Motivation




Have you ever wondered why we often lose track? Why often we are fearful, in fact tired to wake up and face the world? Where is that “Enthusiasm”, that “energy” , we used to have once. Where’s  the Daily motivation ?

Many times , we are full of ideas and great zeal to do “big” things in life. We plan many things, even take few scattered steps.

And then?

Either we lose focus, we lose that zeal and energy to execute those very plans or we run after another “shiny object” .  While planning, the energy level was so high that we just can’t wait to start it. But now..

You may not want to abandon it all together, but still… lost somewhere.

Does this sound familiar?


Today you have to promise me 2 things

  1. You’ll write down all your plans, preferably in a diary. Add more and more details to them as and when possible. But for the time being, just write them.

Prioritize and order them by sequence of planned execution. Start with smaller ones.

  1. Be after them, everyday.

And use Daily Motivation quotes to keep yourself inspired. Just do it for a month and let me know the result.


These motivational/inspirational quotes have very special power. Why?

  1. They have been spoken by great successful personalities utilizing their rich reservoir of experience and knowledge.
  2. If you’re getting to read those quotes means, which were spoken many years or even centuries before, often by people from far away land, it means thousands of people have been influenced by them and people have taken pains to preserve them.

These can be traditional proverbs also, passed through many generations, time-tested and still relevant. That’s why people are still using them.


In this regard, i remember a   quote from a famous motivation master.


People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing –that’s why we recommend it daily.”  – Zig Ziglar


Every Day we are bombarded with negativity from all-around. Just imagine the stress and negativity these things fill in our life. News, TV, job, targets, personal ambitions, relationship responsibilities.That’s why it very important that we be in contact with something positive every day. 


At least  you should read daily One Positive Thought or One Positive Article.daily motivation quotes


Imagine yourself when you are high on enthusiasm, highly motivated !!!

Heart full of love, bright face and fresh mood.

Light of Hope beaming from your smiling face.

With better self-esteem, more confident and a clear goal in life.

Ready to take on world!!


Leaving aside dark emotions, self-pity, self-doubt and all such non-sense.


Some days working out is easier than others. You wake up with a fire, a passion to get through your workout, but some days you feel your feet dragging.


Everyone needs motivation to get through challenges. Make sure you’re getting your daily dose of motivation.

Self-Motivation is a key life skill and something that everybody interested in successful-happy-healthy life for them and their family should think carefully about. 

People who are self-motivated tend to be more organized, with good time management skills and have more self-esteem and confidence.


One thing we must be very much sure is that our morning routine affects to a great extent all levels of success we achieve  in every single area of life.If we can introduce a little bit of positivity in our daily morning routine. WOW !!! .. it can create magical outcomes.

Positive energy in morning carry over to successful days and ultimately successful live.

I hope you have experienced this. If we read or hear something bad, it re-sounds in our mind for many hours, sometime even for days. So, why not use this effect positively to our benefit ? Read, listen or do something positive every single morning. Fill yourself with energy and enthusiasm , get ready to face the world and welcome success.

And for that, daily motivation quotes will be immensely helpful.  Make it a habit.

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So, far so good. We are clear about importance of inspirational messages in morning.What about utilizing them for good night sleep?

Yes, for good sleep.

Whole day we have to face many things. Do you want to take all those worries to bed? Let all those worries and tension rest. Keep them in a box in some far away corner of brain and put them to sleep.

Just  think “Probably, these worries are important. But, anyway i cannot do anything about them while I am sleeping. If i have good sleep, i will have more energy and strength to tackle them. So, let me sleep now. If required, will work on them tomorrow. “

Then read something positive, thoughtful that will give you hope and energy. So, you see here again, daily motivational quotes are useful to have a sound sleep.


At the end of this post, let me share some Daily Routine tips. Hope these will go a long way to help you achieve whatever you desire.

  1. Get up early:

    Yes, it’s important.  For you mind and body, both. Don’t lie in bed until the last possible second. Try it for a week and see the difference.

Watch this beautiful TED talk video on youtube. Don’t worry about his ascent. He is very inspirational.

2. Immediately after waking up, drink warm water, as much as possible. Minimum 1 glass.

Believe me, its very helpful to drink warm water in morning. After many hours of sleep, our body is craving for fluids. Warm water will refreshes our intestine, making easy bowl movements.Keep this fact for life. Root of all diseases is stomach.  


Healthy stomach = Healthy body= Beautiful face/personality


3. Do some exercise. I prefer yoga. Make a vow to do at least 10 minutes of yoga, everyday. Yes, Just 10 minutes. Max 1 hour of Yoga or exercise for normal people.


4. Get some quite time for yourself: Take out some 5-10 minutes of quite time, when no one disturbs you. Meditate, go over your goals or just relax. Read some positive things.


5. Have a good breakfast: eating breakfast is equally important. If you start the day by eating well, you’re more likely to make healthy food choices throughout the day.


Developing a morning routine can really change your life.


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Every day can and will be great for you, with all sorts of small and big successes, love, happiness and health, if you make it  a routine to start every morning motivated.



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