What are Affirmations and How to use them Correctly?

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Affirmation For Success



What are Affirmations?

Positive statements describing a desired condition in your life are called Affirmations.

The aim is to program the subconscious mind into producing or making us to work for the desired outcome.

That condition may not yet exist, but the affirmation is spoken as though it does. A simple example might be: “I am at peace with my life.” This is repeated several times on a daily basis, out loud or mentally.


Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking. They are not statements that you wish to be true; they are statements that you must believe are true.


Research has demonstrated that 80% of our thoughts are generally damaging, negative, filled with self-doubt and fear.

To affirm means to state something positively. It means to announce firmly and assert something to be true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or damaging beliefs you might have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and substitute them with favorable thoughts and beliefs which instill self-confidence, belief, positivity, ambitiousness and much more.


Utilizing favorable affirmations gives you back command of your mind and the information it gets. It puts you in the driver’s seat of your brain and lets you flood it with favorable information which will change you for the better!


Why Make An Affirmation?

Positive affirmations are made because you want to achieve something. That may be more money, a new car, a bigger house, a better job, more success, or, on a more personal level, love, health, happiness or peace.

But these outcomes can sometimes seem so far beyond our grasp that we do not really dare to think that they could be ours for the asking. Instead, we focus on how far away from our desired outcomes we are, and negative affirmations become our mantra.


Ø We desire to be wealthy, so we think: I’m never going to be rich.

Ø We want that promotion, so we think: It’s bound to go to someone else.

Ø We want love in our life, so we think: No one’s going to love me.

We are thinking about the things we want, but from a negative perspective. If this is true, then there should be no doubt as to why it is a good idea to flip the coin and start talking positively.


 “Be careful what you wish for; you may just get it.”



Some of the benefits of Using Affirmations:


  1. Controlling and Understanding the Subconscious Mind
  2. Overcoming Bad Habits
  3. Increased Confidence
  4. Better Physical Health
  5. Happier Relationships


They can be used to help control your weight, to quit smoking, to cut back on the booze, so stop biting your fingernails, just anything.


Controlling and Understanding the Subconscious Mind

This is a useful life-skill, and affirmations can help forge closer links between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is like the registry of your computer.

You need to understand that it is possible to adjust your subconscious mind, and positive affirmations are the way to do this. It is how you can clear out all the redundant and harmful data your subconscious stores, and allow you to know exactly why you may be behaving in a certain way in a certain situation.

Positive affirmations help you become more in tune with how your subconscious operates, The more you program your mind positively, the more easily you will recognize negative activity and be able to jump on it and delete it. Equally, you will find that you are far more tuned into the whisperings of your subconscious mind that often bring answers to difficult dilemmas in your life.


Overcoming Bad Habits

Depending on how they are phrased, affirmations can create good or bad habits. You may start out with affirmations that relate to some grand goals, such as a better career, or a more peaceful life, but don’t forget that affirmations can be applied to any area of your life. They can be used to help control your weight, to quit smoking, to cut back on the booze, so stop biting your fingernails. You name the habit, and a positive affirmation can be phrased to deal with it.


Increased Confidence

As your life gradually improves, you will feel a sense of growing confidence, whether or not you have ever phrased an affirmation regarding a boost in your confidence levels.


Better Physical Health

Positive affirmations can improve your health in three ways: Firstly, your mindset is healthier overall with a positive mental attitude, thus your immune system is stronger; secondly, a specific affirmation can be phrased to augment your health and counter illness appearing; thirdly, they can be used to speed recovery if you do get ill.


Happier Relationships

Positive affirmations create better relationships, as other people instinctively respond better to positive vibes and success. This can affect every type of relationship in your life – with your partner, your kids, your relatives, friends, acquaintances, strangers, work colleagues, and your boss. You are far more likely to be successful if you have created a more attractive aura for yourself through positive affirmations.


Because Everything Begins in Mind


This is the truth that underpins positive affirmations, and positive thinking generally.

The power of your mind to invent and achieve is practically limitless.



How To Make Affirmations


Be Genuinely Positive

When you approach the affirmations process, you must make certain that you do so with a positive frame of mind. Making successful affirmations is far more than speaking a few words in a set order.


Use Positive Wording


Your affirmations should be about what you desire to happen, not about what you don’t want to happen.

Utilize POSTIVE WORDS in your affirmation instead of utilizing words which serve to remind you of something you wish to eradicate.


Producing the affirmation in the positive is much more effective.

DON’T say and think, “I’m not shy” or “I’m not insecure”.


Rather SAY and THINK, “I’m outgoing” or “I’m secure” or “I’m confident”


Use the Present Tense

in positive thinking and in positive affirmations especially, the present tense is paramount; The upshot for your positive affirmations is that they must be phrased so that the mind can act upon them at this moment in time, therefore you must use the present tense.


Add Visualization and Other Senses

This may come naturally to some people who think in visual images, but it is something everyone should be practicing when they speak their positive affirmations. This is most effective when you have a little quiet time for your affirmations, so you can sit down and close your eyes and back up your words with your senses.


Be Patient and Persevere

There is a saying: “Good things come to those who wait.” Affirmations do not produce immediate results, so be prepared for this.


As Often as Possible


Your affirmations need to be spoken regularly for them to be effective.

Your mind is prone to drifting and going its own sweet way.

The orders you give to your mind need to be given regularly.

The only way to do it is to speak in the present tense and repeat the order until the message gets through.

As for exactly how many times to repeat your affirmations, the answer is as often as possible.


You should always strive to do this in the morning and the evening out loud. These might be 5 to 10 minute sessions that really focus the mind.


However, the time in the morning when you are still half-asleep in bed is also ideal because your brainwaves are still in alpha, which is considered the optimum brainwave activity for connection with the universe.


A beautiful video showing A dad teaching her daughter Affirmations.Worth watching.

Useful Affirmations

Here are a few ideas for affirmations.

For Love and Peace

Ø I am happy

Ø My mind is at peace

Ø I am calm and relaxed at all times

Ø My thoughts are under my control

Ø I am surrounded by love

Ø I radiate love and peace

Ø I have loving relationship with my wife/husband


Ø I am at peace with the Universe

Ø I love and accept myself

Ø I am surrounded with loving people

Ø I am loving and accepting of others

Ø I trust the wisdom of my inner being

Ø I am always connected with Divine Love


For Prosperity and Success

Ø I am getting wealthier every day

Ø I study and learn fast

Ø I have the perfect job

Ø I am living in my dream house

Ø I am successful in whatever I do

Ø I always have enough money

Ø Everything is getting better every day


For Health

Ø My body is healthy

Ø I have lots of energy and vitality

Ø I can control my health

Ø I can maintain my ideal weight


Obviously, you can tinker with these and come up with your own to exactly suit your personal goals and desires. Just remember to keep them positive, present tense, and passionate.


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