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Learn the Skill of Self-Motivation


The ability to motivate yourself is necessary if you want to be successful.

Everyone struggles to be productive from time to time, but there are several tactics that make it easier to get back on track.

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How to Accept Compliments More Graciously


Accept Compliments More Graciously

If receiving praise sometimes make you uncomfortable, think about the benefits of being appreciated and learn to respond graciously.

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How to Build a Trusting Relationship with Your Partner


Ask any couple that’s been married for ten years or more and they’ll tell you how important trust is in their relationship.

In fact, trust is probably one of the most important aspects of any relationship.

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What Kind of Stress Eater Are You?


Scientists have found that stress eaters can be divided into two groups, munchers and skippers. Munchers tend to eat more after a negative experience while skippers eat more after a positive event. Munchers also eat about one-third more calories on average.

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5 Simple Tips to Ease Your Workouts


Is your workout a pain?

There are many things involved in your exercise sessions – besides the exercises themselves – that can cause issues that contribute to unpleasant workouts.

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Help Your Kids Pick Constructive Heroes


Heroes play an important role in a child’s development.

They can be a source of inspiration and support as kids work to acquire for themselves the qualities that they admire in others.

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Committed to Fitness But Not the Gym?


To give your fitness mission a boost, consider doing exercises at home. Perhaps you simply prefer to exercise in a private place rather than the gym where everyone else can gawk at you.

The easiest way to do that is to use exercise DVDs right in your living room.

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15 Simple Tips for a Happy Marriage


Marriage is sweet ,though sometime can be a hard work. Don’t worry. There are many simple , but important things you can do to enhance the possibility of success.

The little things matter. Small gestures and habits lead to success.

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Inspiration is All Around You – Look for It


Finding inspiration comes naturally to some people. For others, it takes practice.

If you don’t feel very inspired right now, the good news is that you can change the way you look at things ...

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Coping With What You Did – Strategies to Manage a Guilty Conscience


If you’ve ever had a guilty conscience, you know how difficult it can be to go on with your life....Taking action to help you make up for the harmful event or put it in your past can help you

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Loving Your Body: Accept Your Body Image Now


Throughout life, you’ll discover personal attributes that frustrate, challenge, or maybe even disgust you.

Perhaps you don’t have those beautiful blue eyes you want. Maybe you always wanted to be tall but, alas, you’re short.

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How to Expand Your Social Circle by Reaching Out


No one should have to go through life alone.

If you have a list of people you can call when you want a helping hand or a shoulder to cry on, it makes life a whole lot easier.

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